Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Loved The Windows

The Charlottesville Design House was beautiful.  We all had our favorite rooms, but one thing we completely agreed upon was the windows.  Granted, the weather yesterday morning couldn't have been more perfect, but the *light* this house gets is amazing.

This house had the original windows from when it was built in the 1920's.  They were huge, and perfectly positioned in each room.  (Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos.  I'm hoping to post the designers' work when professional photos are released to the public.)

Don't you just LOVE good windows?!

Hope your day is filled with light.

photos:  Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Designs
Koma Hem


  1. Do I ever! Especially because we have yucky old aluminum windows throughout most of our house.

  2. I would give anything to have good light! Our house is surrounded by trees and we have a porch across the entire front (don't get me wrong I love love the trees and the porch but...) It makes the house so dark ALL the time. Oh, to have nice windows!

  3. I LOVE that first pic you are showing us. Martin Lawrance- Bullard Designs has so much inspiration to offer, I simply can´t get enough!!!
    And I totally agree, it´s all about the windows and the light coming in from them!!!

  4. Yes, it's all about the windows....Stunning!

  5. OMG #3 is ME!!!!!!want want want! But Lord they are all stunning!
    OMI windows can make or break a house!


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