Thursday, May 26, 2011

You're Going to Thank Me For This One!

(Well, before you thank me, I'm going to thank Carrie; a couple of days ago she tweeted about Entra.)

Another online magazine to revel in!!  And this is a good one.  283 pages good.

  reads like a glamorous mixture of Veranda and Architectural Digest.  It is definitely design and decor for the 'haves' with nary a Domino vibe to be felt.  Not just pretty pictures, this is a well written and informative magazine.  Two great features are the "more photos" and "video" icons at the bottom of some of the pages.
My favorite part about Entra is that it covers the globe.  From Mexico to France, Burbank to Croatia and places in between -- good design and beautiful style!

It's luxurious and swanky, and I am certainly not the demographic it's catering to, but I love it just the same.

You're welcome.


  1. I need that pool in my life, post haste. It's so lovely.

  2. gorgeous pool!
    is that cat statue masterbating?

  3. You had me at yoga cat!

    (for shame, Appletree ;)

  4. I love the meditating cat statue! Wow! I wish I were able to have one sitting in my meditation room. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Hello Motherkitty! Welcome!
    HA! Appletree, I thought the SAME thing!!

  6. That pool is exactly the pool (if I were to have one) I would have, exactly!!!!!!!!

  7. I have already read the whole thing - beautiful!! And I hope you'll consider joining the #getpublished chat on twitter 6/15 at 6pm EST. The editors from Entra will be online to answer questions!

  8. Great find.... Thanks! I'm on my way to view it now..

  9. Well...guess I do love you! I must run to check it out!!!


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