Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coming Soon From Rizzoli

The granddaddy of all coffee table books, Rizzoli, is coming out with some must-sees.

Out in October -- and only $50!  Do you want it?!

And on my next trip to NYC (whenever that great day happens), a stop at the Rizzoli Bookstore will be in the plan.  Have you been there?  It looks like heaven on earth.

All photos: Rizzoli

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  1. Wow - lots to look forward to you!! I wonder if the Deborah Turbeville book is new work - I haven't seen her around forever - I have the first book. And I'm hoping the Michael Smith has new projects and isn't just an excuse to recirculate old ones since I am such a huge fan and have all his books!! I adore the Rizzoli store- spent many a lunch hour there perusing titles and listening to music!!


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