Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good-Looking Guy From The South Rocks The Furniture World

Facebook, blogging and internet has made re-connecting with old friends ever so easy.  Imagine how my interiors-loving self felt when I found out that my friend from college, Grant Fenning, is the FENNING of LAWSON-FENNING furnishings.

I'm obsessed.  You will be too.

chrome base with honey onyx inlay.  enough said.

these are little TABLES!  want.

reclaimed wood with lucite.  kill me.

Steel frame with walnut shelves!!

...and good-looking to boot!


  1. Good heavens, can he send you some free furnishings? (And then maybe send some extra samples to a friend of a friend?)

    I'm in love. With him, too.

  2. WOW - what beautiful pieces!! And you're right the designer's not bad either!!

  3. ME-OW!! That's some nice goods right there. And the furniture's nice too! I LOVE That deer rug. Hook it UP sister!!!!

  4. Discount for all of your blog friends please! Their pieces are amazing! And does he do the delivery? :)

  5. Hot and talented. He must be gay. Tell me he is gay, so I can stop fantasizing.

  6. What? Awesome! I want that leather bench chaise, the blue velvet chair, the reclaimed wood number... oh jeeze, just throw it all in my shopping bag.

  7. I feel the same way, everyone!!!
    God, I wish he would open up an East Coast store.
    You've got a good fan base going, Grant -- ya hear that?!

    Appletree: there is nothing wrong with fantasizing.

  8. Hello coffee table!!! A cute furnituremaker beats a celebrity in my book everyday!


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