Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corseted Cabinetry

Have you ever seen
JAMIE HERZLINGER's bathroom designs? 

They are stunning!
And they give new meaning to my ever-present bathroom envy.

The Kips Bay people were smart to have Jamie design the Master Bath this year; Nicole posted on it -- calling it 'sex on a stick'! and I couldn't agree more!

 Perhaps my favorite element in this bathroom is the 'corseted maccasar ebony cabinetry.'  WOW.

Jamie Herzlinger

For more of Jamie's design genius, check out

photos:  Jamie Herzlinger and Sketch 42 blog


  1. I love her bathrooms. And you're right - that last one is off the hook.

  2. My gosh, those are STUNNING! Wow. I'm in awe.

  3. Love Jamie's designs and the Kips Bay bathroom is indeed spectacular!!

  4. Totally amazing -- I love the campaign style cabinets!!!

  5. I loved & would be perfect for me 1 & 6.
    I like simple bathrooms. Had big, back to liking small. BECAUSE when you forget something in med chest etc(shine gel ...) while is shower, can easily reach. Iam lazy:)
    "corseted maccasar ebony cabinetry" got that right sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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