Monday, July 18, 2011

One Day I'll Have Old Doors

like this one

Erik Johnson photography via Miss Design

P.S.  We are tagging, tagging, tagging at 
Roxie Daisy!  
Can't wait till the opening -- August 1!  :)


  1. Fun! Any chance at an online sneak peak?

  2. Beautiful door!! And love the charming tags!!

  3. J: I need to start snapping some pics!
    Q: thanks!! Karen is doing such an amazing job with the store.

  4. what a beautiful door! We used to own an 1850 stone home with a front vestibule and the previous owners had a solid wood door that was rotting at the bottom. We went to an architectural salvage place and found a door similar to the one you've shown that was from a home of the same era as ours. After lots of elbow grease, we got it looking good and replaced the solid one. What a difference. Someday I hope to have a front door like that again. :)


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