Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Yes, I'll Take the Little Purple Nude

Granted, a tad over-styled, but I love everything in this photo.  Especially the purple nude.

How could you NOT love having a little purple in your life??
(Stop snickering, Jen.)

I could sit and read for hours on end in this spot.  Do not disturb.

All very nice, but without the rug -- it would just be ho-hum.

At first it was all about the purple couch, but is that a purple-painted baseboard next to the fireplace??  Holla.

I couldn't love this little set up any more.  perfection.

Sometimes swanky is good.

All photos from this blog -- You probably won't be able to read a word of it, but not to worry; it's really all about the yummy photos anyway.



  1. White sectional room just blew my mind up!

  2. Not much of a purple girl myself but love that last glamorous shot!!

  3. Genuis- That's it. "Little Purple Nude" is going to be the name of my new blog. Hahahahahahahaha.

  4. Anita I love these shades of purple and lavender. One of my baths is periwinkle, and it feels so good!


    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my $150 giveaway from Dr Perricone

  5. I love the touches of this color that sometimes gets ignored...until you see it used well. Then it goes on the list...thanks.

  6. Anita I am fully convinced.
    Loved all pics but the last 2 especially the very last (no i am not swanky in a bad way) made me want a room JUST like that, exactly!

  7. Anita - I checked out that blog you linked to....it's in Russian. I bet you didn't know that before I worked where I work now I taught Russian, if you want to read it together, let me know we can look at it in the store some time when we aren't busy (which of course, after Monday I hope you'll never NOT be busy! ;-)). See you soon, Diane


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