Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm Cloud *Update

This is a picture of Irene coming into Virginia.
Not Irene!  Random commenter informed me it is a storm from August 10.  Irene was nowhere in sight!



  1. That's not Irene. A 600-mile-wide hurricane would have a curvature so slight in the photographed area that it would look like a straight line. That's a "supercell," a large and violent thunderstorm. Wherever and whenever it was taken, it's definitely not a picture of Irene—you can tell by the use of the photo in this blog entry from August 10, when Irene was still far, far out at sea.

  2. good to know! thanks --
    i'm leaving up the picture though.

  3. What an amazing photo. There is no greater artist than nature.

  4. I remember as a child visiting Kansas, a storm of this nature came. I was terrified, had never seen anything like it.
    Bet somewhere in my young brain were images & conjuring thoughts, of "Wizard of Oz" other than that I loved Kansas. Storm was remarkable beautiful, as I clung to my Dad(aka never left his lap:)


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