Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot coffee, Cool mornings, And The Pleasure Of Waning Light

For the few of us out there who are not sad to see summer end, Labor Day Weekend marks the start to our favorite season....fall.

There is something comforting to me in the way the light changes; as if Mother Nature reaches for the dimmer switch.  Evening comes sooner and I welcome it.

{And this was just too good to pass up!!}

May your coffee be an experience this weekend!  xo

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  1. I love fall. I really do. if only it led to summer again instead of 6 months of torture.

  2. Fall and winter are THE best seasons here. Cannot wait! As much as I love my pool time, being able to have all our windows open and the house filled with fresh air and wearing cozy sweats and a hoodie for early morning walks is much better. Feels like fall this weekend with the sound of football throughout the house. Woot!

  3. What a beautiful homage to fall - my favorite season as well!! This summer fled by and I felt I didn't get to enjoy it at all - the only consolation being that the next several months are my favorites!!

  4. Beautiful post—now I really, really look forward to Autumn. Such a cozy look and feel...

    Hope you are having a fabulous day :)
    xx, Sarah

  5. Love this post. You always capture a little bit of my heart with posts like this. XOXO

  6. BEAUTIFUL post
    I stick with "Appletree", if only fall could leaped straight to SPRING!
    I will take HOT (with AC) over COLD (yuk) any day:)


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