Sunday, September 25, 2011

My New Bravo Crush


He is a breath of fresh air!!!!
So refreshing -- I could watch him for days.

And he is the anti-Joey. 
Joey just seems so snarky and catty around Jeremiah....behavior which screams fear of rejection (by Rachel) and is not becoming in the least.  Just sayin'.

Are you watching this season of The Rachel Zoe Project??



  1. Hate Joey. I watched the Kim Kardashian episode the other night and wanted to punch him in the face! He was so rude and obnoxious it was maddening! Why Rachel wants him around her 24/7 I'll never know. He's a total douche`

  2. you said it, jen! he is a total douche! (thanks to bravo i got to watch the two episodes i missed - back to back - today!)

  3. I'll be enthralled with Sister Wives, 60 Minutes and then The Amazing Race until the Pan Am premiere. This is my plan to detox off of Entourage. I will be multi-tasking by coloring my roots and attempting a home mani-pedi so it's not too much pathetic "couch slacker" behavior.


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