Monday, October 10, 2011

Color, Color, Color Versus Neutral, Neutral, Neutral....

....For God's sake, you're not going to make me choose, are you??


Yeah, that's what I thought -- tough call.

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  1. If I HAD to choose? I'd stick with neutrals. But that pink vessel sink is pretty damm cute!

  2. I love both as well but all I can tell you is that at both the fashion shows and the design festival in London - color was EVERYWHERE!!

  3. Whoa, this is some heavy shiz.
    Seriously delightful stuff.
    Impossible to choose a look -- life's in the mix.
    Cheers, Alcira

  4. i reserve the right to have both!

    i used to housesit for a couple that had a neutral home. everything EVERYTHING was tan, taupe, beige, sand, bisque, etc. IT DROVE ME OUT OF MY MIND. too much of anything is annoying! mix it up, people!

  5. "...For God's sake, you're not going to make me choose, are you??" I hear that voice of yours & am looking a quite a bit of PURPLE:)think #9. velvet bean bag, love.just color of abstracts are perfect for my eyes. Then can so see me jumping right smack in the PURPLE room, happy as a clam. WANTING to paint the mid. wall the color of blue/mint vase AND leave lighter purple edging. Frame like, whatcha think? #6 brass bed etc, really makes me wish to go somewhere far away. OK that sounds more fun than painting, ZooooooooM :)


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