Friday, October 28, 2011

Klein Reid

Klein Reid was one of a handful of things I sold in my store that wasn't bedding.  If you own any, you will know what I mean when I say it is very, very special.
I LOVED it and how it truly took my store "up a notch."  The beauty of the vases and lamps all together on the shelves was stunning.

New York City design studio KleinReid stands at the forefront of porcelain design. The firm's founders James Klein and David Reid began collaborating in 1993, creating refined vases, lighting and serveware – and more recently soft goods, jewelry and limited edition prints. Their influential atelier is renown for its elegant forms, dense, translucent porcelain, artisanal glazes, and fine “from scratch” craftsmanship.

 David says:
Well hello there!

I'm far from eloquent, but a little about me: I love rollercoasters, music, pinball, all sorts of culture, NYC and being in water. I'm drawn to old things more than new. I believe art and travel are incredibly important, maybe the most important after family and friends. I'm moody. How's that?

James says:

Wear and use describe the life and of an object. I love the threadbare arms of a wingback, and the burnished, soft toes of marble statuary. I love the wear of stone steps, faded mirrors, tarnished brass, and even broken plates. Wear tracks familiar and comforting patterns, like the leather handle of my old canvas bag that, by now, fits my hand perfectly; and the nearby shiny brass snap that my thumb seems to enjoy testing. Dare I say that without wear life would be stiff and new and boring.

Designing with Eva Zeisel:

[Through] successive meetings and healthy doses of champagne and chocolate, we created the original six vessels in the "Eva" collection. It premiered in August of that year and was an instant hit. In the following years we added serving pieces, mouth-blown crystal and limited-edition prints to accompany the vases. The collection has remained popular in the ten years it has been in production and its pieces are in the collections of the White House and many museums.

We treasure our work and friendship with Eva. Through her we have learned more about design than we could learn in any school. She has taught us to design with honesty and love and without limitations.

Anyway, I was so excited to see that James and David's NYC home is featured in Architectural Digest (Spain).

Have a fantastic weekend!

All italicized text: KleinReid


  1. I need to live there. It's perfect.

  2. Fabulous post. I love the apartment and good for the for getting published! And I loved the interview!
    Have a great weekend!
    Xx Jamie Herzlinger

  3. Love MY Klein Reid. Anita think I bought you out.
    Have 2 vases & one pitcher (use as vase) & 2 lamps (changed out shades to gold beaded, stunning). In my guest room on camel bone inlaid table. Audubon original bird prints framed in gold overlay(6)hung symmetrically on wall above. IS ~*PERFECT*~, got classic (birds), bohemian (table),hip cool down (white porcelain)& funk....(beaded shades), on DL:) Thank you!


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