Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Of Black And White And The Boots That Got Away

 I'm kinda loving this! via

 Gorgeous painting from the very talented, Michelle Armas

via From Greenwich, I think.

I was asleep at the wheel when the winning bid was placed.  I missed them by 50 cents.  50 CENTS!  And that's not even the kicker -- my bid: $12.50.  Winning bid: $13.00.  Yes, someone scored these boots for 13fuckingdollars.  Ugh. 


  1. Anita oh no, I am so sorry you lost the boots, what a steal!

    Adore the Vogue Illustration!


    Art by Karena

  2. Ha Im laughing... NOT over your loss of boots, not funny, ok is sort of. Lets get that black & white dress & jet. No boots needed:)

  3. Oh Im not finished, get a pair of redwings. Having no idea what brand those boots are you missed. My Dad wears Redwings, looks like them & last forever. Plus redwings are superfly! I like higher heels, wink

  4. You missed it by 50 cents - damn. it wouldn't sting so much had it 50 dollars but 50 cents? Ouch.

    This first photo is soo cool - love it and the dress is fantastic!


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