Thursday, December 29, 2011

Perfect Balance

At first I thought this house was a bit too stark....too white.  But with closer inspection, I found it incredibly warm and inviting; layered just right.  Perfectly balanced.  (Take all the letters off the walls and I'm a YES.)


Have a fantastic Thursday!



  1. Haha, I agree about all the letters. :)

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  2. To me this house says "Inviting"

  3. I agree Anita,I normally don't like all white either. This has a great balance!

  4. OHHHHHHHHH Anita you know me & my forever white wall fetish...........I'm a YES, Im a double HELL YES & agree with numbers & letters OFF. I really want to be in one of those hidden beds(always been a fav). OR outside under that pergola thingy. This really reminds me of being in Scandinavia. I love the warm simplicity there.


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