Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maybe She's Born With It

We all strive to look our best; we diet, we exercise....  For Godssake, I wish this false beauty and all the computer derived whittled waists would no longer be the norm.  Question:  Were pictures of models doctored before photoshop was around?


  1. Ahhhhhg. I once saw an interview with Kate Winslet - she had taken some photos for a magazine cover. Her agent had approved the photo they wanted to use, but when it came out, it was super photo shopped. She was furious. In retaliation, she published the original photos which had blemishes, a little back fat and neck wrinkles. She's such a class act.

  2. that's good. I need reminding that is it not real.

  3. @Sarah -- Kate Winslet is a total class act.
    @Kristin -- it is NOT real!

  4. Great post Anita...yes, they were but still resembled photoshop has taken that away...I think to the annoyance of many of the models and actresses to...

  5. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have daughters who see photoshoped images all the time. Tough stuff.


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