Thursday, January 5, 2012

Three More Days Until Season Two Of Downton Abbey!!!

I am totally and unabashedly excited for the return of this show! Season 2 starts Sunday night.  Check your PBS listings and set your DVR!
So today, in honor of all things British and manor-ly, let's take a look at a property in Buckinghamshire that is for sale....
If you can get approved for a GBP £13,500,000 mortgage, this beauty of a property could be yours.  

Let's take a look.

 In lieu of a finder's fee, I'll accept an invitation for a visit and a cup of tea.
Happy Thursday!

house photos:  here


  1. Geez...that place is amazing. The ceiling in the living room...whoa!

  2. Can I second that whoa for the ceiling? When can I move in??? You can definitely come over for a cup of tea. I'm crazy excited about Downton Abbey too. I've been streaming the first series again to get myself in the mood.

  3. It is a fabulous drama....the Castle that Downton is filmed in is only 40 minutes away from's absolutely beautiful...I did a Christmas Fair there the other year...quite magical!

  4. I am equally excited about season 2!! My Sunday evening is completely reserved. :)


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