Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Were Barefoot

I was talking with an old friend yesterday, and somehow the subject of age came up.
I mentioned something about being 20; 
she said,  

"yeah, we were barefoot."

I wish I could have a conversation with my 20 year old self.  There are so many things I would tell her.  I wonder if she'd listen.

all photos:  Spell


  1. Love this post, Anita. I sometimes can feel my teenage self when I listen to the Classic Rock station and they're playing Tom Petty! Such great crazy times!

  2. Such a sweet post Anita....ah, twentysomething...lovely memories of the younger me and my friends and I think 'barefoot' sums it up brilliantly ;-)
    Have a great weekend.

  3. beautiful images!

    and i was 20 about 21 years ago. i have more than a few things i would tell my 20 year old self if i could, but it is doubtful that my young self would listen!

  4. Hi Anita!

    My 20 year old self would tell my present self to mind my own business. Then I'd go on with the business of making mistakes and having fun!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog - I'm back after weeks of working my ass off.



  5. Aww!!No fair! I wanted to read what you would have told her!!

  6. "I wonder if she'd listen." NO! of course not......... but
    really, would you wish her to? NO!


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