Saturday, April 28, 2012

He's So Tall Now!!

Brag Alert:  William's date is not only so pretty -- she's also President of the Honor Society.  Way to pick 'em, honey!

The Lax-Bros.

Pre-Prom pics.
I'm so mad I only had my stupid iphone.
Maybe one of the other parents has some real photos they can share with me.
(But isn't he handsome in a tux???  My William.)

I hope they have fun tonight...and stay safe! 


  1. Nice pictures Anita! They grow fast don't they!!!

  2. Awww, proud mama! What a handsome couple they make.

    And look at you in your aqua skinnies!!!!

  3. Such a sweetie and you look so happy!! Boys rule in my opinion. Who's amazing house is that?

    1. omg - that house! you should see the *inside*! it belongs to a friend/lax bro of william's. if the family wasn't so incredibly nice, i'd be green with envy.

  4. ~William & his Mom~ are superfly! & lovely:)
    I could squeal this is so, SO cute & handsome & everything!


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