Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day-Off Excursion

Today was one of those days that are few and far between -- John and I both had the day completely off.  Neither of us had to work... no meetings, no coaching, etc.  (He's the coach, if you are wondering - not me!)

So after a trip to the running-shoe store (more on that at a later time) we gassed up the car and went...

We drove to Orange, Virginia which is about 30 miles away.  
Living in Virginia, we are lucky to be surrounded by the homes of many of our "founding fathers."  James Madison (father of our U.S. Constitution and 4th President) grew up and later retired at  
I love touring historic homes and learning about the people who lived there.  I learned quite a bit today about American history (good Lord, was I really absent all those days in history class?  Whey did I not know some of this stuff??) and also learned that Dolley Madison was quite the hostess and gregarious entertainer.

It was a gorgeous day -- the gardens were so pretty!
  (My iphone camera hardly captured the beauty).

handsome! :)   
We ate a really nice lunch in downtown Orange and I was lucky enough to come home and take a nap...I love my naps.

This was truly the best day off I've had in a long time!  


  1. That looks like so much fun. Random getaways are the best. Good for you guys :)

  2. How fantastic. And what a dreamy day. So glad you had a little time together in the clear! And what? ...running shoes? Hmmm... I look forward to hearing more. XO


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