Monday, May 28, 2012

The New Running Kicks

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I started running (I think it was around Easter) for a couple of reasons.  
1. I am more vain than I'd like to admit and I started to really dislike how my body looked.  I was soft, pudgy, had zero muscle definition and that muffin-top had morphed into a full size cake-top... and 
2. at my age, I knew the longer I waited to take action the harder it would be to take action.

So, I got out there. Honestly, it was more walking than running when I started, but with a little bit of perseverance, I am really running now!  I needed new kicks though; my trusty New Balance had seen better days and I could tell they weren't giving me enough support.

We have a fantastic running shoe store here in Charlottesville.  They've been around for years, have well-trained staff and they stock every running shoe you'd ever want.

The nice guy working there had me walk barefoot, then jog barefoot while he watched me, to see my gait.  He informed me that I have a fairly significant pronation.  So he brought out shoe after shoe, had me jog while he watched me in the shoes.  From my comfort level and his gauging the shoe support for my pronation, I decided on the 


 I love them!!!
 I feel better and better every day.  
There are few things better than that feeling of getting home all sweaty and then taking a shower -- totally gratifying.

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend!

running shoes from Ragged Mountain Running Shop


  1. Cool! And? How do they feel? Details! Details!!

    1. They're *awesome*!!! I love them!!
      Comfy, comfy!!


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