Friday, June 8, 2012

Athletes In Vogue

The Olympics are coming this summer!  I l.o.v.e the Olympics -- especially the Summer Games.

Vogue has highlighted some top American athletes....

{OK - I'm just going to say it:  Having the model in the photos with the male athletes is utterly superfluous.  But this is Vogue after all, so I guess I need to let it slide....}

How about you -- do you get excited for The Olympics?

all photos: Vogue


  1. The model is annoying but the running faster than the train and horse photo made up for it.

  2. Meh...Photoshop much? ;) I like the concept of the athletes glammned up a bit but somehow they missed the mark. That horse-train-runner shot SUCKS in the B&W. You can't see any contrast at all!! They all blend together.

    1. i didn't even notice the horse! i was like, "horse? what horse?"

    2. Point taken because I didn't see the horse, either!

  3. my boyfriend was giving me a little grief the other day when he asked me what i thought of the olympics and i said, "Y-A-W-N." the olympics is filled with such amazing athletes and they work so hard, so i really should try and watch some this year. at least a little!


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