Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Four Eyes

"You need to get your eyes checked!"  
For the past 2 years my eyes have steadily been going to shit.  I've been relying on 'readers' from CVS and The Dollar Tree to get me through the day.

I finally went and had my eyes examined to get the real story behind my blurry vision.  (John is convinced that wearing these readers every waking minute is 'weakening' my eyes.  The eye doctor said that was nonsense.)

However, the reason I see better wearing these readers constantly (instead of just for reading) is because I need BIFOCALS!  I can't see close up or far away!  I think this is payback for all the bragging I used to do about my better-than-perfect vision.  HA!  Just wait till you're in your mid-forties.

So, off I went yesterday, shopping for glasses.

I found a pair.  They were perfect.  They fit my face like they were made just for me.  They were classic but with a hint of a cat eye to give them a little edge.

And then (I put my glasses back on) and read the price....are you kidding me?  Have you priced glasses lately?  Granted, they were Dolce & Gabbana, but every brand I looked at was around $200.  To some folks, that may be peanuts, but not for this chic.
I went to just about every glasses store in town - same scenario - all the good ones were out of my price range.   (Story of my life...)

Back home, defeated, I went to my trusty internet.
HELLO Warby Parker.

I secured five styles for the try on at home program.   $95; I hope at least one is good enough.



Do you have a favorite?

Stay tuned.  I'll keep you updated as this saga continues!  :)

I wonder where Ms. Apfel gets her glasses?


  1. I like number 3! I got my glasses at America's Best, two pair for $69.99. They totally suck. Hate them. If the Internet ones don't work, save up. They will be on your face a lot!

    1. I knew I would regret getting the cheaper ones...so I didn't get anything.
      We'll see about Warby Parker~

  2. Can't wait to see all of those on you!!! Try on at home program? Genius. Glass trying on party?

  3. I really need to go and get some prescription glasses myself. I too am relying on the Dollar Store glasses and they are't exactly stylish. You need to model the options for us so we can make a well educated decision.

  4. I think I like #1. You HAVE To post a pic in all of them now!

  5. EyeFly is a good shop too :)

    1. OOh, thanks -- off to check them out now!


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