Tuesday, March 9, 2010

multiple choice.....

I need to get business reinvention paraphernalia together.
Here are a few ideas I've come up with for new tag lines.  Which one do you like?  (Tell me, too, if you think they all suck -- your opinion is valued and trusted!)

pillow mint
bringing you better bedding

pillow mint
bedding consultation

pillow mint
distinctive bedrooms

pillow mint
bedrooms by design

pillow mint
sleep environments

pillow mint
design for the bedroom

none of the above

Any and all comments are encouraged!!!
Please include your shoe size with comment.  I will randomly select a commenter to receive a pair of goody-goody slippers!  


  1. A and E, sorry can't narrow it down further. But, if you came up with Pillow Mint (which is so great) I think you will figure this out for sure!

  2. A and D: yes
    B C and E: no!
    Pillow Mint: Bedrooms By Design I like that! But wait, are you only doing bedrooms, no bath?
    And, my shoe size is 8.5.!!!!

  3. G. i am still a fan of good sheets do matter.
    8 1/2.

  4. I love c. It's a clear winner for me (though no one else seems to like it!). B and E ar a bit too fake for me...

    How about "perfect bedrooms" or "the bedroom of your dreams" or "heavenly bedrooms"?

  5. I like A. E sounds a little like a mattress company slogan to me :)

    But, I agree that if you came up with Pillow Mint (which is the cutest bedding name ever) then you can definitely come up with a great new tag line!

    My shoe size is 7.5!

  6. Definitely, definitely D! I was drawn to it immediately.

    My shoe size is 9.

  7. I like D the best. Also like C, but D really stands out.


  8. I'm with Jenny -- I think you've already picked the winner.

    Shoe size: 5.5

    I love slippers!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey girl, what's wrong with the original? It's to the point, informative, as in hey people, we're not talking polyester here, and compliments "pillow mint" perfectly. Is there another place on your business card or advertising where you can specify the details of the distinct/unique service that you will

    I hope that's helpful. Best of luck Anita!!!!

    Feet- size 7

  10. "Good sheets do matter"

    Why mess with perfection?

  11. A is the only one that I really like.

    Size 8

  12. Thanks so much, everyone!!
    According to Random.org, the "true random number generator", the winner of the slippers is #2.
    That's you Libby!

  13. i realize i'm too late for the slippers, but FWIW, i like the original too. but if you were looking to supplement, i'd go with a or b.


I love to hear your thoughts!


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