Tuesday, April 28, 2009

that'll be all.

These are the BEST frickin' cupcakes in the world.  Truly.  They are AMAZING.  As pretty as they look, they taste even better.  
I haven't eaten sugar since February 11 - which was my birthday.  To celebrate, I accepted the generous invitation to "make-your-own-sundae-with-brownies-and-hot fudge night" at my good friend's house.  With robust determination, I managed to overdose on the ice cream, brownies, and various toppings one puts on a "make-your-own-sundae." 
I jumped on the sugar wagon the very next day and haven't had nary a nibble since.  
Well, it's the end of fucking April and I want to jump off that wagon and dive into one of these cupcakes.  It's time. for. some. sweets.  
Aren't they pretty?!

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