Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shop shots

I thought I would take some pics of the store. Here are some (very unprofessional) shots of Pillow Mint taken with my little point and shoot camera. I wish you all could come visit me in Charlottesville!

Come on in!!

The bed in a Couleur Nature quilt. Queen size (Marion print)

The twin bed. Serena & Lily quilt (Diamond Shell)

Jelly Cat stuffies: horse and dog

looking to the front of the shop from my desk

my desk.....where I am perched all day!


  1. I would love to shop at Pillow Mint! Everything looks so beautiful!

    P.S. I just sold two Couleur Nature quilts on the Kiwi version of Ebay. You would pass out cold on the floor if you knew how little they went for.

  2. I was wondering when I would get to see the shop! Love it! Wish I lived closer....although it might be a good thing I'm in Wahington (I could get in some serious trouble with you too close) ;)


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