Thursday, July 23, 2009

the other j.

It used to be that j. jill carried really stylish offerings.
Um..... what the hell happened?! Browsing their website, I was hard-pressed to find anything I would spend [John's] hard-earned money on!
However, mixed in with their frumpy, shapeless stuff, I did find some cute things. And most of them are on sale.
What's your take? Has j. jill lost it?

cashmere is always good!

and cashmere is always cozy!


  1. J. Jill was bought by Talbot's a couple of years ago and has proven to be a big money loser. Talbot's sold the chain off last month. It will be interesting to see what happens...

  2. interesting indeed. i had the same thoughts about how awful j. jill had turned. but my other complaint about the store is, even back when their clothes were much better, nothing i ever ordered form the catalogue looked the same when i got the real article. i returned almost everything i ever bought from them. which sucked, because the catalogue versions of their clothes were great!


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