Saturday, July 18, 2009

that's what I'm talkin' about

I stumbled upon designer Tim Clarke's website today. I just had to share some of my favorite shots from the various houses in his portfolio. I can't get over the perfection of that kitchen. *love*.

that mirror!

that ceiling!

that table!

those chandeliers!

that color!

oh, yes, that tub!

the warmth!

that floor!

all photos from Tim Clarke's website


  1. I'd LOVE to have "That Warmth" as my office. It suits me perfectly

  2. Oh how I love that last bedroom shot! The floors, yes, yes, but also yes to the bead board walls and the fabulus pitched ceiling and the beams and the overall simplicity! Great post!

  3. Those first two are DIVINE and expect to see that last shot on The Daily Bed sometime in the future. ;)


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