Thursday, September 10, 2009

the good, the bad, and the ugly

GQ Men of the Year Awards 2009

Let's start with THE GOOD, shall we?

Cute, cute, cute!! I don't know who Gemma Arterton is, but I like her style!

Although, 'GQ Sportsman of the Year' Jenson Button looks like he just rolled out of bed, I'll let him slide.... he's just too sexy. (pssst....fix your belt!)

Yeah, Guy!! 'Film-maker of the Year', and lookin' good!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Don't know who she is, but with that rockin' body, and wearing a perfectly fitted shift (with a yummy cranberry Louis Vuitton bag), I bet she's here to stay.

The impeccable Eva Mendes.

Moving on to THE BAD

That dress could be cute, but what is with that "strap" across her chest? And her hair is icky. (Pixie Lott)

I'm just not digging the Frederick's of Hollywood nightgown look.
(I wonder if Lily Allen was happy with her wardrobe choice --
she won the 'Woman of the Year award'!)

Such a beautiful young woman, in such an unfortunate outfit. (Frieda Pinto)

Where's her dancing cane? (Yoko Ono)

Last, we have THE UGLY

Is Mickey Rourke wearing lipstick?! If so, the lilac color does not suit him.
(And is it just me, or does he seem to be sporting hair extensions?)

I used to think Liz Hurley was the most gorgeous of all the super-models. I have changed my mind. What is with that horribly ill-fitting strapless dress? She needs a new hair dresser and make-up artist (at the very least) and she needs to lay off the smokes and put down the bottle.

All photos from Daily Telegraph
{For larger, more detailed photos, go to the site -- especially to check out Mickey Rourke's lipstick!!}


  1. LOL, I am loving your comments!! And it's interesting reading them when you don't know who some of these people are because at least you are not influenced by that.

    I agree with nearly all your comments I think, they are spot on.....Freida Pinto is wearing a terrible dress and yes, I am an Elizabeth Hurley fan too but that dress is horrid.

    Jenson Button could have dressed so much better, he is a cute guy.....and Lily Allen as Woman of the Year.....puh-lease!!!

    Rosie HW is one of the models of the moment - Burberry campaigns etc.....and she is dating a son of one of the Rolling Stones.

    Eva Mendez looks fab as always.

    Great post!

  2. What a fun post. I love the bows on Gemma Arterton shoes...darling!
    XX Kate

  3. only disagree with one. I love Liz Hurley strapless.
    think mistake was made with short bottom ( I dont like that part).
    I think it would be stunning going into full length.


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