Saturday, October 10, 2009

The boob scarf. Once again, I am amazed at others' creativity.......have you ever? I first saw this at the townhouselady's blog -- and giggled aloud.

Last Friday I went for my first mammogram. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail stating that they noticed something suspicious and to please call the office.
I knew my self-righteous, cavalier attitude last week would end up biting me in the ass.
I'm healthy! I eat blueberries! I breast-fed! I never smoked! I quit drinking almost 10 years ago! I'm normal weight! No family history!

So, as an obsessively anxious person by nature, I am not happy that I have to wait all weekend to schedule another mammogram.
My husband says, "oh it's probably nothing - they have to re-do these all the time." What the hell does he know? I'm already planning my funeral.

It probably is "just nothing". But if the John Robshaw queen sheets (that are 1/2 off) don't sell today - I'm taking them home.


  1. It will be nothing, Darling. And if it's something else, I will hand-make you one of those scarves and deliver it personally.

  2. thanks! :)
    and only 4 more hours till those sheets are mine - i mean it.

  3. Try not to worry. Chances are huge it is nothing. And those scarves are TOO MUCH!!!! :D

  4. try not to worry. these things are most often nothing special. you're in my thoughts in any case.

  5. Try not to worry... it is very probably nothing. Sending good vibes your way!

  6. First off--good for you for getting a mammogram. And for eating blueberries, et al.

    I had my first mammogram last September because they felt something suspicious. I hardly breathed for 7 days... and it was nothing.

    Try to breathe. As others have said--chances are, it's nothing.

  7. I'm thinking positive thoughts for you---I'm sure you're healthy as an ox and have nothing to worry about. As for the scarves---hysterical. And the Robshaw sheets---I hope you took them home!
    XXX Kate

  8. thanks so much everyone.
    i go back for re-imagining on the 23rd.


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