Monday, October 12, 2009

looking out

My husband and I have decided that in our next home, our bedroom will have a view. Right now we look out onto tree leaves in the summer and bare branches in the winter. I want to look out and see landscape, (or cityscape)! In the scheme of things, this ranks up there as a total high class problem, but it's the will be on the check-list for scouting out a new home. Are we looking? In the market? Moving? No. But I am a dreamer, and I've been dreaming about views lately.

How about you? Do you have a view?!

photos: flickr: 1. alieN's, 2. festivalos', 3. NearDC's 4. cisley's, 5. Sengose's, 6. Jooliree's, 7. Indahs'


  1. Right now, we see trees and Mt. Rainier on clear days - with lots of houses in between. It's not bad but I've always wanted a spectacular city view or views of some water. :)

  2. We don't but I'm more than OK with it because the room is so luxuriously big. And has a ton of closet space.

  3. nope. no views anywhere. it's city neighborhood living. i would much rather a sweeping view myself.

  4. Sort of. We have high windows in our rooms -- pretty much transoms -- but the views from those windows are of trees. When I wake up in the morning, I roll over and see trees, which makes me very happy.

  5. one day I'll post the view from the house I grew up in in Virginia (Warrenton, not far from your neck of the woods!). We could see for about 30 miles.


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