Wednesday, November 4, 2009

country living at it's best

Ahhhh......the bucolic life. Head buyer for Jayson Home & Garden, Caroline Scheeler, has decorated her lovely home with her "venerable passions."

all photos: Country Living


  1. i will take the horsey print, thankyouverymuch

  2. that dining room makes me week in the knees. though i hate that she painted the walls brown. i feel like the chairs, table and settee would have popped more against a white wall. seriously, go back, look and picture it.
    it's better.

  3. karly -- so glad you saw the horsey print; i thought of you when i posted it!

  4. I LOVED this home too! Country Living is publishing such great stuff these days. I'm excited for what the publication has in store... If it's half this chic I'm sold!
    XX Kate


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