Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Hi! Welcome to my home, guest. Set your drink on my table that smells like the dog crate!" And what a steal at just $799.00...
Must we be subjected to this awfulness? Now your dog can sleep in the ugliest shoe ever designed. This is just *wrong* in every way. Wrong.

You can find more ridiculous "fun gift ideas for the animal lovers in your life" on the Marketplace. Yes, that's right -- HGTV has a marketplace.


  1. I've seen both of these. The huge Croc is just terrible. Who in their right mind...well, I guess people that still wear that original Croc!

    I recently got a new mat for Baxter that was made by Crypton. They offer some quirky and some classic prints. All are "impenetrable" so there shouldn't be any problem with dirt. :)

  2. Just found you and yes, OMG the Croc is gross. Me, I am sticking with the old LL Bean regular dog beds!

    P.S. the title "crap-tastic" is what drew me to this post - too funny.


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