Wednesday, November 18, 2009

creative thursday on a wednesday

I'm giving a little blog-hug today to Marisa Haedike, the true creative force behind her company, Creative Thursday. Her fantastic work has been with me from the get-go here at the shop. She is an amazing artist and an amazing person with a unique combination of drive and light-heartedness. I carry lots of her prints, but check out her website as well!
high fashion

marisa (and her dog!)

window of opportunity

jackalope and friends

we all fly together

hoo loves you?


sock monkeys


  1. Love the "window of opportunity." I'm a sucker for a gorgeous green. What a talented artist---they're all too sweet.
    XX Kate

  2. that's one of my favorites too, kate!!

  3. The Jackelope and his posse are adorable!


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