Thursday, November 5, 2009

it's all good...

This photo makes me happy. And today -- I am all about some happy. After having my poor little left boobie squished to an inch of it's life; everything is fine. Yee-haw. I'll drink to that!


  1. well that is fantastic!! not the squished boob, that is never ok. but that everything is fine. i'll drink to that too.

  2. PM, I feel so stupid... I knew you had a store, but not a blog! Love your selections, and glad you're feeling happy today, but what's up with the booby drama?

  3. erin -- ha! booby drama it has been.
    i had my first mammogram about a month ago -- they found something suspicious, so I had to go back. just went today. everything is fine!
    first post about it all here:

  4. Those boob machines are designed by men, I'm sure.


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