Friday, December 18, 2009

i've got ya covered

When I was doing preliminary research for the shop, I fell in love with the images on the Denyse Schmidt website.  Her quilts are stunning works of art!
However, it was seeing (and feeling them!) in person that completely won me over.  These quilts are 100% cotton, the perfect "quilt" weight, and so soft.  Out of all the bedding in the store, it is one of these quilts that my son chose to have on his bed!  I don't blame him a bit.

for baby too!!

Denyse Schmidt at Pillow Mint


  1. I didn't know I was a quilty person, but some of those are insanely good!

  2. Aren't they absolutely wonderful? They are just big, fabulous pieces of art. Great post.

  3. Oh yes yes! These are so lovely. I'm just about to start work on another quilt of my own and these have me all inspired and ready to begin. Thank you!


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