Saturday, January 23, 2010

Angels, Peacocks, and the Tree of Life

There used to be a great shop downtown called L'Affiche that sold all kinds of really cool art; posters, framed prints, etc.  They had one wall filled with Haitian Steel Drum Art.  That wall always pulled me in -- the really, really big pieces were my favorite!  I was going to buy a piece once, but I had such a hard time deciding which one, that I left with nothing. 
Anyway, I was just thinking about Haiti and that Steel Drum Art came to mind.   Maybe we can help by purchasing something made Haitian artists. 
I wonder if that small act would help at all? 

 Oh, yes -- those are peacocks!

How fun would this be in a play room?

I think this would be so great in a child's room.

I truly hope these lovely men are alright.

Purchase the art at either of these sites:

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