Tuesday, January 19, 2010

do you?



 I killed the last of my potted plants.  It wasn't intentional,
it was apathetic neglect.
I once had beautiful, healthy, green plants that I took pride in -- Ficus trees, norfolk island pines, peace lillies, ferns, cyclamen, palms, etc.  I'm not sure what has shifted in me over the last few years that I have let them die .  One by one, they withered and shriveled in pots too small, with dirt much too dry.
I'm feeling quite guilty.  Am I reading too much into this?  I'm feeling that not being able to care for (i.e. *water*) some plants is a direct indication that my life is unmanageable.  For God's sake, I should at least be able to keep a low maintenance peace lily alive.  The last plant to go was in fact a peace lily.  I left it out on the deck in the freezing air because I was too lazy to bring it back in.

Do you have house plants?   Are they part of your decor? Do you find them to detract or enhance your living spaces?  Do you find them to be a burden or a joy? 
 Do tell.

update: *apologies* -- I completely forgot to cite the photos.


  1. I would live to have houseplants but I have a black thumb. I can't even grow a bowl of grass for my cat to nibble on.

  2. I have house plants but to be honest ti is my husband who takes care of them... I forget.

  3. My cats prefer to use them as digging gardens so one for me thanks.

  4. About 15 years ago we bought a small (6") palm, leafy sort of plant...It sat in the house, was ok, then my husband decided to take it to his office. Well...the poor little thing (for that it remained: little) was so scrawny and stunted, but still alive after two years. So, I brought it home and, well, you should see it now! I'll take a picture tonight! It's now 15 YEARS later, and it's 6-7 feet tall, has been replanted several times, loves its home in our dining room corner, summers outside in the shade.... yada yada yada. Moral of the story: you just never know!


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