Wednesday, January 20, 2010

not bad....

....for $279!


  1. wow! nice!! if i had a bigger apartment i would get one of those!

    also, question, when i look at your blog on google reader it has "public service announcements" from google asking to help with different things like poverty and what not. i'm interested in having that on my blog. do you know how you did that?

  2. mfamb - it's small; like a little love seat.
    amanda -- i have no idea about those 'public service announcements'! where do they show up? hmm, i'm not sure i like that - i mean what if it's for something i don't believe in? (not that i don't want to help the poor....)
    are they on any other blog you read?

  3. Throw some pretty throw pillows on this baby and it could be downright chic. Love a good bargain!


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