Sunday, February 28, 2010

look out, lonny

Have you seen 
(I found it through Daniella's blog this weekend.)

Nesting Newbies is a new online magazine (Winter 2010 is their second issue), edited by Jodi Murphy.

YES!  another online gawking option.  When the hell am I gonna have time to get things done?   (Thank God my boys know how to do their own laundry!!)
Anyway, here are my thoughts after a couple flips through their "pages".

I love the easy navigation -- much easier to get through than Lonny.
I really like the cooking and entertaining sections-- foodies rejoice!-- they are definitely the strongest parts of the magazine.
Although the decorating seems a tad trite, the name of the magazine (I think) suggests it's geared to those just starting out; "newbies", for whom the looks are probably just fine.
The photography is excellent; the click-throughs are great; they have a "best blogs" page at the end; and rather excellent giveaways as their last page.

I can't wait to see their next issue!
What do you think?!


  1. I started flipping through it last week and had to stop for fear that I'd lose an hour! I love the crockpot feature...great for those of us who work and not overly complex.

    I love Lonny, but I've really enjoyed Nesting Newbies so far!

  2. Ok, Anita this online magazine stuff is real cool & easy BUT I dont know how to work it.
    SO would you please show me how to do this stuff
    Monday.You know everything. Does this mean I can stretch out on my shop sofa, read a mag. and not have to tote them around then recyle (oh yea and buy them)? "It's a New World" that you must show me! What other secrets have you up those sleeves:)

  3. I love it! I agree that the decorating leaves a bit to be desired, but when you consider that it's geared toward first-time "do-it-yourself" decorators it's really not bad.

    I'm blogging about it today too!

  4. Oh, thank you, thank you for reminding me of this. I had it bookmarked and then promptly forgot about it. (story of my life)

    I am checking it out asap. Now let's talk about that whole doing their own laundry thing. Um, how dear lady do I make that happen? Seriously, do tell, you would change my life! ;0)

  5. I had seen the first one, thanks for letting me know about the second! I had to laugh when you wondered aloud about when you were going to have time to get things done...wondering the same thing now as I procrastinate 12 other things and leave this comment here!

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  7. Thank you Anita! We're working hard to make the magazine fresh, fun and appealing and we love to hear from the bloggers. Saw your online shop (love that flow turquoise duvet)and hope one day I'll be able to make it to Pillow Mint in Charlottesville.

  8. Hi Jodi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the nice compliments!
    Really, I can't wait for the next issue of Nesting Newbies.

  9. Ohhh I can't wait to go check it out! The magazine world is changing--ekkk! XO


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