Tuesday, March 2, 2010

your budding artists!

Master Goldsmith, Mia Van Beek, of Formia Design creates one of a kind jewelry from your child's art work.  
I. Love. This.  
She's located in Charlottesville, but can take special orders from all over the globe.

For special orders and any kind of questions please contact,formia@live.com

She also designs gorgeous jewelry of all kinds!


  1. I love this, are you taking orders from your shop. I would LOVE to get some things made from my grown child's, young art! I saved & framed most of it so it would be easy.
    I am SO doing this! OMG. my parents would love it!

  2. No, I'm not taking orders from the shop -- I just found out about her and think this idea is SO GREAT!

  3. Very cool. I love it. I'll have to file this away for the far-off day that I decide to have kids!!

  4. This is such a great idea! Thanks for posting about it!

  5. oh how cool!! i love that!! what a great idea!!

  6. Mia is amazing! The kids artwork is such a unique idea. FYI - she also did a really cool logo keychain for me at SuzySaid. Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/yggohb7

  7. I can't Thank you enough for wirting about my work, Wonderful, THANK YOU!!
    It helps with trying to spread the word more locally here in Charlotteville!!

  8. Oh my goodness these are awesome... My son has a whole book of creatures that he's drawn -- sort off like Ugly dolls only more distinct...I don't know how I will choose, but choose I must... I have to have something made...WHAT AN ORIGINAL INGENIOUS and CREATIVE OUTLET!!!


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