Thursday, February 4, 2010

the real thing.

This, my lovelies, will be for sale at 
Pillow Mint:

It is coming to me from the very lovely Gulmira Karimova, who is originally from Uzbekistan; currently living and working in West Virginia.  We met when she came into the shop to see if I would like to sell some textiles from Uzbekistan.  She has a small business, "Central Asian Textiles," whereby she brings  suzani and other such embroidered fabrics from her "village" and uses her incredible sewing skills to make things. 

She told me these large works of art were/are used in tents as decoration.  Her people are nomadic; they use these pieces to decorate the inside of the tents as they are easily taken down and folded up for traveling.

Gulmira has been working on this bedspread for quite sometime -- she took the unfinished (un-backed) fabric and sewed linen to the back to give it a more substantial feel and make it more like a true bedspread than "just" a piece of fabric.  

This piece measures 91' x 86' -- roughly a queen size.

What do you think?


  1. It's a work of art! Did she do it alone? I wonder how long that takes. It's simply amazing.

  2. J - she didn't actually do the embroidery - in fact it's old (probably made before 1960 -- but I'm not sure). She backed it with linen.

  3. LOVE it!! What will be the price may I ask?

  4. Hi, Katie! Thanks for the interest!!
    I want to see it again in person before I price it. I remember *loving* it when she first brought it in, but I want to see it again and see/feel the backing, etc. I will let you know the price as soon as possible!

  5. Amazing, what a gorgeous piece!


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