Sunday, February 21, 2010

this is NOT ikea*
















*Their words, not mine!  Actually, it's the name of their store -- TINI for short.  You can read about the shop and the concept HERE.  They are located in L.A., but I believe they ship.  The website is awesome; there are lots of ways to search....color is one, but they also have a staff "favorites," and new arrivals. 
I'm curious to know what you think of their name.....
personally, I think they could've gotten their message across without dissing on ikea.  What say you?


  1. totally agree that the IKEA dig is unnecessary. And it opens them up to a barrage of letters from some Swedish lawyers as well ...

  2. Amen, Anonymous. Have they ever heard of "mixing high and low," or have they been living under a rock? (smile, smile). What about those of us who fancy ourselves somewhat design savvy; who have a few thoughtfully selected IKEA items in our homes - because we rejected pieces at higher price points - because it is the IKEA style that we happen to really like? Are they suggesting their precious merchandise would not work as a complement to a Billy, a Lack, or an Expedit?

    Negative selling is almost always offensive and unreliable. Personally, I wouldn't have gone there.

  3. While I think they have some fun items, and love the idea of searching by color...having never gone to Business school, I'm pretty sure there must be some sort of branding/advertising rule that would advise to never invoke another's brand in your own name...(then again, does have us talking!) Speaking of names though, LOVE the name of your blog + business! And a life luxury could never live without...good sheets,I'm a fanatic!

  4. hi, hush, and zhush!
    thanks for weighing in....

  5. yeah the name is TERRIBLE... looks like a cool store though!


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