Saturday, February 20, 2010

who's in?

It's times like these I wish I was Oprah.  I wish I could fly all of us to NYC for a long weekend and stay in the bad-ass Soho House hotel.  We would eat fantastic food, get spa treatments and lounge by the rooftop pool*.  I'll just keep dreaming, and maybe buy a lotto ticket.

*realizing it's February, this fantasy trip takes place in the summer!


  1. being oprah would be awesome.

    i could easily live/stay in room #5 forever.

  2. Wow. Those rooms are amazing. Chadeliers are breathe taking!

  3. Oh my god those beds are crazy. I especially love the yellow one, although the white wood one reminds me of some Rococo Beauty and the Beast craziness, so that one is tempting too. : )

  4. oh wow- i could really be at that pool right now. if only it were a little warmer!

  5. hello Emily and plaisirs simples! welcome.


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