Saturday, April 10, 2010

sit back; relax!

I'll bring a stack of magazines....

Want to join me?

(I think this one is my favorite!!)

photos 1-5: Laneventure
photos 6-8: Dedon
last photo: Fox Unlimited
(All photos inspired by Katherine's post from Friday)


  1. I love the yellow, Zebra striped fabric on the Pagoda daybed! Great pic!

  2. Anita, let's sit in the sun on #6 (read) THEN let's see if #7 can sail ............THEN #9, lets' run to the end together and see if we can roll a circle.
    That sounds like a very fine day!
    P/S dinner on #4 crossed legged, eating with fingers:)

  3. I'll bring the sunscreen and cooler full of cocktails!!!

  4. Oh so cool! I need a chair with a little canopy on it now! Preferably, it will sit on the shores of the Maldives or somewhere equally lovely! Of course I would join you!!

  5. Awww, sigh............what lovely places to sit back and relax. Great images, thank you for sharing, Katherine

  6. so fabulous... i am with you... that last one is heaven! xx

  7. Makes me sigh. I love the city but sometimes you just need a little outdoor space to sprawl out and relax in!!!!

  8. oh i totally agree, that last one is my fav too!i think i'm going to put that in the backyard post i'm working on!!


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