Sunday, April 11, 2010

who knew......

....that it would be the home of Trading Spaces designer Laura Day that would 
knock my socks off?!

I was excited by little in the latest Lonny with the exception of Laura Day's Manhattan townhouse.

Yes, the dining room is amazing -- but that scrumptious little one wins.

who doesn't love a gorilla pillow?  and fun snapshots!!!

there is a teeny tiny area in the top of the painting that perfectly compliments the color of the setee.  
good, very good.


I have NO WORDS for the goodness that is this room. 

...and her online magazine?  It fucking rocks. 

(Oh, and p.s.  I would love to be friends with someone who sports shiny purple shoes, and looks good doing it!)

photos: Lonny, Laura Day


  1. I agree wholeheartedly - that space rocks 14 ways from Sunday.

    OK, next Sunday.

  2. Oh, gorgeous! LOVE those crazy bed pillows, and the bottom pic of the living room, that is JUST my style! Haven't had a chance to check out the new Lonny, so thanks for posting!

  3. oh my, that last room is pure genius. really.

  4. I had just gotten over the fact that I could not have those chairs in my dining room and then THIS. It looks so great, it has my head hurting. And I am coveting those chairs all over again...

    Great space. Totally.


  5. It's just perfect. I love the photo snapshot wall.

  6. Love the yellow and cream bedroom with the stellar wallpaper and shag pillows. Just perfect!

  7. Hell yeah. It's a doozy. I am beside myself over that living room and especially the paintings above the sofa. I'm now stalking the artist's site and saving my pennies. Sigh.


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