Monday, May 3, 2010


 Woman in a poppy field by Jaroslav

Oriental Poppy 1
artist: Amy Stewart

Poppy Print
artist: Emily Martin

Poppy on the circle pendant

Oriental Poppies
artist: Georgia O'Keefe

Field of Poppies
artist: Gustav Klimt

 Poppy by Sergey Militsky

If I take the less direct way into town, I pass a small hill that is filled with poppies.  I don't ever remember seeing poppies here in Virginia anywhere other than this little stretch on the side of the road.  I love driving past them - they are, in all their delicate brightness, so cheerful.
Don't you love poppies?!


  1. oooooooooooooh, lucky you to see lovely poppies! they are in full bloom in southern california right now, and hillsides are COVERED with them. it is kind of an amazing site!

  2. I love in the south when they plant huge patches of them in the medians of highways. It makes a big difference in your outlook as you drive through.

  3. I remember driving past a field of poppies in Tuscany one summer and I'll never forget the beauty and color!

  4. Love the poppy by Sergey. Just amazing!

  5. Wow! The poppy print by Emily Martin is amazing. Actually, this whole post is!

  6. I love poppies! I also love peonies, in a different way, poppies are so colorful and bright! Gorgeous post!


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