Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two More Reasons...

...why Area is one of my all-time favorite companies.
They get it right -- not just color, but TEXTURE too!  I wish you could FEEL these fabrics.

Available online through PILLOW MINT

(I don't know how to make coupons for my website -- but email me -- and get 20% off anything by Area.  Just because I like you!)


  1. I love the shams! I really do want to order with you one of these days. I hope I can make it work out sooner rather than later!

  2. yes, kendall; me too!
    those shams are a photo of 100% linen bedding -- duvet covers, sheets (for some of the color ways), and pillow cases. like i said - i wish you could feel the fabric!!!

  3. That grey blanket is so pretty. I love grey and white. How nice of you with the fab discount mama!!

  4. Thinking I may need to zhush up a bedroom or two!


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