Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the black apple

How would you describe these girls?  Innocent with a "dark passenger"?
I love them.  Maybe I feel like I'm looking in the mirror with some of these images.
Art by Emily Martin - available at her Etsy shop The Black Apple.


  1. Not sure exactly how to describe them...although your description is pretty awesome...but I do know that I LIKE them A LOT! (great find)

  2. I really like them. I'm quite partial to the brunette with the heart shaped patch (I ♥ hearts) and the brunette bee hive. Maybe it's b/c I'm brunette but they seemed a little whimsical to me!!!! xoxo Elizabeth

  3. i absolutely adore these anita. esp fond of the girl with squirrels on her head.
    add these to my list of someday's...

  4. heetee, love them and get them:)


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