Sunday, June 6, 2010

she hearts horses

Some art speaks to me in a way I can't articulate.  Is it the color?  the subject?  
I don't know.  What I do know is that when I stumbled upon Mia Linnman's paintings, my jaw dropped.
I am so taken with these paintings; and though I like horses enough, I'm not a horse-freak sort of gal...however, I would l.o.v.e. any of these to hang in my home.
Her abstracts rock, too.

These are photos of her studio.  I think I'm in love.

Mia, who I believe is Swedish, also has a lovely blog called "solid frog"  (cool title!)


  1. These are amazing. I'm not a horse lover (they don't like me) but I could totally hang one of these in my house. the colours are amazing and I love the visceral quality of the paint. I'm forwarding this post to a friend who IS a horse lover!

  2. Gorgeous - amazing - would be so hip at my father-in-law's ranch!!

  3. i am not gaga for horses, but it is hard to deny how beautiful, elegant, powerful and majestic they are. and these paintings capture that essence perfectly!

  4. these are just fabulous. thanks for sharing. have a great week.

  5. I'm not into horses, but the abstract pieces are to die for. Amazing color!!!

  6. Hi Anita
    Thank you so much for the nice compliments and the space you're giving me in this post!! I'm really happy you like my paintings.
    xx Mia

  7. you are so welcome, mia!!
    thanks for stopping by!

  8. Yes Mia is Swedish and she is fabulous in every sense! Her art is jaw dropping and she is extremely talented.

    So glad you featured her - she deserves all the attention and praise in the world. This girl rocks!

    x Charlotta

  9. I know a certain Karly Hand who would freak for these paintings.


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