Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Red Ring

  That was a long time to be sitting on the pity pot; and I have big red ring on my butt to prove it.  However, my time off from blog-land was really good;  I even got to spend a week at the beach with my immediate and extended family.  There is nothing better for my soul than being at the beach surrounded by my family.

I've had these photos in my file for awhile and thought today would be a good day to post them.
This amazing home is in South Africa.

Even their dogs are lovely!!
There is not one thing I would change in this home.  From colors to wall treatments, to art to rugs to windows and doors, it is all gorgeous.

Thank you Mom, for our fantastic trip to the beach!!!



  1. wonderful! so glad to have you back. you and your mom look terrific - glad the trip did you good! you were missed.....

  2. So glad you got a break. I hope the sun continues to warm your back and good things keep coming your way! Beautiful photo of two beautiful ladies!


  3. You and mom are just the cutest!

    So glad you're back, and hoping things are looking up.

  4. thanks you guys. xo
    (clear skies are expected on saturday: yard sale extravaganza!!!)

  5. I'm so glad you're back! You've been missed, for sure!!

  6. Hi Anita: yes, the beach does wonders for us all! Glad you're back...


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